Other Activities

Keeping in view your plans and requirements, our team is ready and fully capable of making arrangements that are tailor-madeto suit your needs. The following are but a few of the options that are available:


  • Cultural excursions to nearby villages and cultural heritage sites such as Changu Narayan, Baghdwar and Manichud.
  • Adventure trips like Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cannoning and Paragliding in the surrounding areas.
  • Environmental Education Excursions for students.
  • Long-stay arrangements for those who are interested in learning about and engaging themselves in traditional farming practices (ploughing/tilling,seedling sowing, planting, watering, harvesting etc.) on our farm.
  • Taking cool and refreshing dips in natural mineral-rich water pools.
  • Local Home Visits and Home Stays in a nearby village.
  • Evening Bonfires and Trout Fish Barbecues.
  • Local Musical and Ethnic Cultural Dance performances.
  • Sunrise, Sunset, and Mountain Viewing; Sun Bathing and Star Gazing.
  • Meetings and Workshops.