Shivapuri Nagarjun National Parkis one of the nearest national park just 12 km distance from Kathmandu. The park area is surrounded by parts of kathmandu , Sindhupalchowk , Dharding Nuwakot district. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park (elevation range 1350 m-2732 m) is an ideal place to get out in nature. Its close proximity to Kathmandu makes it even more so. The vegetation in the park is mostly dominated by pine, oak-rhododendron and hardwood trees, and boasts of an abundance of flora and fauna, including a profuse assortment of colorful birds and butterflies, and wild animals. The park is also a watershed area and is the main source of drinking water for people of the Kathmandu Valley. This serene mountain park is renowned for recreational hiking, mountain biking and other adventure activities. Some of the places here include Nagi Gumba, Baghdwar, and Shivapuri and Manichud peaks. The crystal-clear waters of the Nagmati River flows through the park from the of Dhhap (wetland) areas. From the ridge of Shivapuri hill, you get to see the incredibly panoramic Himalayan mountain ranges – from Annapurna in the west to Mt Everest in the east. Taking walks in this area is a refreshing, relaxing and rewarding experience with the chirping of birds and the splashing of the river water accompanying you almost everywhere. For adventure enthusiasts wanting to experience Nepal’s famed outdoors but too time-constrained to travel out of the Kathmandu Valley for the purpose, Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, with its close proximity and easy accessibility, is an unspoiled destination for indulging in stimulating and recreational outdoor activities.


Bird watching:


Those looking for a fulfilling close encounter with nature, the park’s rich biodiversity, including the many species of birds, butterflies and wild animals, and a walk through beautiful wilderness are highly recommended. Nepal is a veritable paradise for bird lovers and ornithologists. And of the more than 848 species of birds (8% of the world total) found in the country, more than 300 species are found in Shivapuri National Park alone.


Hiking and Biking:


There are many trails within the park area that may take from 2 to 9 hours’ time to complete. These routes traverse through altitudes ranging from 1300 m to over 2700 m. Among the many available trails, some are significant for bird/butterfly/wildlife watching while others are known from biodiversity and cultural aspects.




There are magnificent waterfalls and rock formations, making Shivapuri a great place for Cannoning. One of the best places for this sport is in Kakani area with a waterfall grade of 2.5. It consists of three falls – the longest one being 90 m – and is the toughest one in the valley. The second one at Tharepati near Gurju Bhanjyang has a 55-m fall and is graded as 1.5. Another one is in Sundarijal graded as 1.1 with a 40-m-long fall.


Rock Climbing:


The spot for rock climbing in the park follows the route from Budanilkantha over Nagi Gumba and towards Thare Bheer. There isa very large and steep black stone cliff hanging from the dirt road. It’s an excellent rock face for medium-skilled climbers and has many climbing routes on its approximately 20-m height that range in difficulty grades from 4a to 6a.




On clear days, paragliding is also on offer from the takeoff point at Lapsiphedi till the landing point at Pratap Gaun in Deurali, covering a total distance of 5 km. You get to fly approximately 30 m above the ground and take in a bird’s eye view of the lovely wooded hills and mountains away from the clouded Kathmandu sky.