Home Stay

Krishna Shiva Bhakti is one of our partners and also the coordinator who is responsible of keeping conducive environment among the villagers of the Haibung village situated just below our resort. His house lies at very close proximity to our resort and he is also helping constructional and maintenance work of the resort. His is equally active in social work helping those who need help. Depending from his regular schedules he participates in different cultural activities, meetings and training programs in the villages. However, it was a big misfortune to him as his house was collapsed during the massive earth quake occurred in April 2014. However, he managed to rebuild his two storied housekeeping enough rooms for rest of the family member’s and two spare guest rooms which he would like to utilize for a home stay purpose. The kitchen and store areas are kept at the bottom floor and rooms are kept on the first floor. There is a separate small house next to his house where chicken and cattle are kept. He has clean toilet and bath area separated from his main house to be used for common purpose. Since Krishna has taken training on the Home stay management in past, he knows how to function for the purpose and keeps the entire house clean and tidy. There should not be any problem. Our host Krishna makes sure that his guests stay comfortably at his home. Those visitors other than Nepal may need to communicate with Krishna with Physical gesture as his English speaking is basic but his school going children can understand, read and write in English.


Krishna is very happy living with his mother (Sita Maya), wife (Shreejana) and two sons (Ram and laxman) and one daughter Manisha. Every day, Sita keeps herself busy looking after the household work and the children whereas Krishna looks after organic farm, cattle and the products are sold in the resort. All his children go to school in nearby village. Living with Krishna for few days at his home would be a great learning of Nepalese culture and would be firsthand experience of farming activities. One can join with Krishna in his farm in the process of planting, de-weeding, watering, cultivating depending on the type of season.


For more details on Home-stay please contact the following numbers.

Mr. Krishna Shiva Bhakti



Mr. Robin Gurung



Mr. Laxman Shivabhakti