Prakriti Resort

Prakriti is a Nepali word that denotes pure nature, here Prakriti replicates a typical Nepali mountain farm set upon luxurious pasture land and complete with restaurant building, residential rooms and tented chalets, a meeting hall and an outdoor barbecue settings.



Prakriti Resort and Organic Farm reflect the ambiance of a typical Nepali mountain village and farm set in 50 acres of lush pasture land. The sprawling of verdant pasture land that Prakriti Resort occupies is shielded to its south by the deep, dense forests of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, screening off the noise and pollution of Kathmandu City. To its north is the ever-magnificent Himalaya, the serenity and silence of this resort therefore all-encompassing and self-energizing.




Right on the door step of hustling and bustling Kathmandu, just a day’s trek away is this peaceful haven where locals can escape the stresses of city life and enjoy an outdoor get away with their family or friends. Get back in touch with rural Nepal, its culture and its beauty by spending a day or two in Prakriti. Leave behind all your worries and stresses and come enjoy the clean air hospitality and food and of course the stunning views of lush green jungle , deep valley of Melamchi and the snow capped Himalayas. Our professionally trained local staffs provide classic Nepali hospitality at its very best and our kitchen produces some of the most mouth watering culinary delights. Come indulge yourself in the farmer’s mart or alternatively enjoy your meals outdoors with the birds and butterflies and nature as company. “Prakriti resort and Organic farm” aims to provide the definitive farm lifestyle experience, the Nepali way, at your own pace, a true paradise minutes from the capital city.



Our professionally trained local staffs provide classic Nepali hospitality at its very best, and our kitchen produces mouth-watering culinary delights using produce straight from the organic farm. Our dining hall comfortably seats forty guests. Both Nepali and international cuisine are served, vegetables prepared from our on-site farm or supplemented by trout fish and dairy products sourced from the area.




  • To become an exemplary sustainable and eco-friendly hospitality business provider in Nepal
  • To strive to provide unique and personalized best-quality services to its customers
  • To promote internal and external tourism, to add socio-economic value to the society
  • To enhance the stakeholder value by a human and nature-friendly professional approach that exceeds the expectations of its customers.
  • Conserving the local nature, the culture, the way of life and activities and sustainably utilizing the same for the promotion of socio-economic status of the locals by generating quality revenues.
  • Maximizing the value of ownership of shareholders and contributing a part of it for the social cause – thus fulfilling a corporate social responsibility.




“To be a pioneer and premier hospitality business entity in the country striving towards excellence in the achievement of customer satisfaction through creation and delivery of unique and personalized assorted hospitality services.”










Our Eco Friendly Theme


Selling of accommodation, food and service does not merely limits the actual product of Prakriti Resort & Organic farm or any other tourism products in Nepal.  We sell our product combining together with nature and natural beauty as well. Tourism business helps to safeguard the environment as well as in return it generates revenue and livelihood. It has reciprocating effect.


At Prakriti Resort & Organic farm, of course we offer the finest of the above mentioned, but we do so with more than just our own profit in mind. We take great care to sell our tourism product ensuring that it creates as less an impact on the environment as possible and also that it creates something for the community around us.


We are privileged in that our resort is surrounded by so much amazing natural beauty, rich culture and many authentic rural villages. Therefore we strive to ensure that when we sell a “tourism product” we are taking steps to safe guard our environment and generate revenue and lively hoods for those living around us.


Thank you for your time and please enjoy your stay with us.





Highlights of Prakriti Resort

• Well-trained, friendly staff
• Adventure trips like Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cannoning and Paragliding in the surrounding areas.
• Environmental Education Excursions for students.
• Long-stay arrangements for those who are interested in learning about and engaging themselves in traditional farming practices (ploughing/tilling,seedling sowing, planting, watering, harvesting etc.) on our farm.
• Taking cool and refreshing dips in natural mineral-rich water pools.
• Local Home Visits and Home Stays in a nearby village.
• Evening Bonfires and Trout Fish Barbecues.
• Local Musical and Ethnic Cultural Dance performances.
• Sunrise, Sunset, and Mountain Viewing; Sun Bathing and Star Gazing.
• Yoga.
• Meetings and Workshops.