How To Get Here !

By hiking: The hiking trail leads you through an old growth oak forest and beautiful Rhododendron forest, before the Melamchi Valley and the Himalayas are revealed. This route to Prakriti is 11 kilometres from Sundarijal Bus Park, passing through Mulkharka and along the pristine Nagmati River.

By Jeep: It takes one hour to travel the 16kms along the Jeep track, starting at the Melamchi Drinking Water Office in Sundarijal, passing Mulkharka village ( Karma Hotel) and through the fire line of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. The road is not suitable for ordinary cars.

By mountain bike: This is a challenging but rewarding way to travel, with stunning views. Allow 2-3 hours for the mostly uphill biking trail. Either follow the hiking trail or the Jeep track.

Drive and hike: Drive over the black top road for about 90 minutes through Boudha, Sankhu, Jhule, Jarshing Pauwa, Bhote Chaur, Nim village and pass the tea farm and trout farm in Jaisi Gaon over the dirt road. Park your vehicle at the enclosed trout fish farm compound and hike for one hour to reach Prakriti. you can see the static map also.


Way to Prakriti Resort


Present condition of the road from Sundarijal to Dhaap Pokhari ( Bagmati Water Dam area) & nearby Prakriti Resort. Finishing of Smooth and wide gravel road type but no cars can be driven as yet due to remaining few rough spots. Motorbikes , jeeps and small buses are good enough.