Dhaap Pokhari

Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project (BRBIP)

This project site is closer to Kathmandu Valley linking the adjoined motor road from Sundarijal to Dhaap pokhari within the Shivapuri National park. This road is presently being built by” High Powered Committee for integrated development of Bagmati Civilization “(HPCIDB) under the financial support of Asian Development Bank (ADB). The esteem project has proposed to construct 24 meter high dam in Shivapuri Dhap to increase water flow by 3 to 4 m in the Bagmati River even during the dry season. The dam would store 8, 50,000 cubic meters of water, which would be released at the rate of 400 liters per second during dry season after the project is completed. The Asian Development Bank has invested Rs 520 million in the project. It has mentioned in their project document that this area will be developed as a potential tourism zone.

The Dhhap dam is only one kilometer or 20 minutes of walking distance from Prakriti Resort.